Investment in a key area of the Production Process - Machining

  • Project code

    Norte2020 - 02 - 0853 - FEDER - 022441

  • Main goal

    Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium sized companies

  • Region of intervention


  • Beneficial entity


  • Date of approval


  • Date of begining


  • Date of conclusion


  • Total eligible cost

    662.253,00 EUR

  • European Union funds

    FEDER - 496.689,75 EUR

  • National/regional funds


  • Objectives, activities and expected / achieved results

    The company M. Antonio Silva Lda with this investment project aims in its entirety to produce products                                     innovations to a new niche market, surely contributing to further increase our export levels.                                     By implementing this investment we will incorporate new production technologies and new production planning systems                                     allowing to gain in efficiency, speed, flexibility and consequently significant gains in costs.                                     On the other hand, the added value of these products that the company produces contributes positively to the increase of the margins                                     of marketing. Rearrange and optimize the process to make our products more competitive at the same time                                     flexibility and production capacity is growing, allowing

    The results to be achieved within the framework of the project (set out in paragraph 4 of Annex D of the RECI), which are the subject of this contract, are the following:

    • a) Indicator I1 - Gross Value Added - GVA (post-project values): 920,375.48 Euros;
    • b) Indicator I2 - Creation of Qualified Employment - CEQ (post-project values): 5 Jobs;
    • c) Indicator I3 - Turnover - VN (post-project values): 2,300,938.70 Euros.